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  2. brunofr418

    MTP v Crazy Al

    lets see if lee even makes weight
  3. Negative. Just watched video. Came for the nudity. Left disappointed.
  4. Also conor beating DP doesnt mean anything to most people... hes supposed to beat DP.. him and nate have the history, Tony has the win streak and they havent fought yet, Khabib is supposed to destroy him again, and max has become a beast and will be favored vs him now.. all have something to offer whereas peahead doesnt really bring him much
  5. We all know baldy's dream would be Conor vs Nate for some weird interim title lol
  6. him dropping to 145 for a rematch with Max would sell more than a DP main event, him fighting Diaz would make him more as well, as would him holding out for a shot at Tony or Khabib. DP is prob 4 or 5 on the list, dont see it happening
  7. probably photoshopped Not like the egyptians werent all perverted anyway.
  8. Today
  9. Conor not taking the DP rematch.. doesnt make sense for him
  10. Exactly. I wouldnt even be surprised Conor vs DP ends being for an interim (in case Conor does not get suspensed) because that is what New FC is doing lately
  11. The writing has been on the wall.. thats why Peahead pulled out against nate with a "hip injury" that sidelined him for a whole 2 weeks.. and made him miss his biggest pay day of his career. Dustin saw conor and khabib were getting @ min 6 months, which sets him up perfectly for a interim shot against Tony.
  12. skillandpower

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    This card is way better than a lot of PPV's out there.
  13. Ok I will say this ... Sometimes I wonder about these commissions ... All this 'mess' and 'investigation' can perfectly help the UFC to either set up an interim champ. I will not be the least surprised Conor does not get any punishment so he ends up fighting someone (like Ferg) for said interim champ. Then, when Khabib comes back ... we gonna have this dream cash cow rematch baldy is waiting for.
  14. No doubt. Frankie should be the next challenger for Max. Nothing to argue here. Former LW champ with a great history in the sport. Frankie is a fooking beast BUT I think Holloway beats him tho
  15. Very much approve of Caity Lotz attire in the last episode lol She's Scottish we are about the closest you will get to blue lol
  16. skillandpower

    MTP v Crazy Al

    Im sooo pumped for this one.
  17. skillandpower

    What's Next For The Winners And Losers Of UFC 231

    This is New FC m8. So yeah, dont be surprised with that kinda chit. However, I still think Frankie will be Max next challenger. Even in a business point of view I think Frankie sells more than Moicano at this point.
  18. conor should be more concerned about the rape rumors swirling today.. probably a very Kobe Bryant-esque type situation
  19. Bubba_Sparks

    FOX UFC Fight Night: Iaquinta vs. Lee

    I like raging Al but he'll be more out of his element than Donnie.
  20. in the chamber of tutanchamon? aka the dressing room
  21. Bubba_Sparks

    Politics thread

    great piece of chair catching at the 28 second mark.
  22. Bubba_Sparks

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    This rustles me more than your healthcare system.
  23. I hope he didn't go in Ra on that Horus.
  24. sobercuban

    Speak Your Mind Thread

    We're outside of city limits. Septic tank and well water.
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