5 Reasons Why GSP is Dropping to LW

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Rory is 2-3 fights away from a shot and unlike Jones and Tashad I believe they actually mean it when they say they won't fight and Dana won't let Rory pick off contenders till Georges retires or gets dethroned.

4. Goldy and Joe kept talking up how big Georges looked last night hinting it was because he was bulking up to fight Silva :rolleyes:, but I thought the bigger Condit made Georges look like a lightweight in the cage.

3. Georges two biggest rivals in the UFC have been Hughes and Penn. One of his biggest motivators was to surpass Hughes as WW GOAT. Now that he's done that he would be 4 defenses away at LW from passing Penn as the LW GOAT while also putting his name into the all time great conversation without actually having to face Silva to prove it. Taking the belt from a Diaz brother might sweeten the pot as well.

2. Other than Nick Diaz their are not many more big PPV fights left for Georges at WW. Like Weidman to Silva, Hendricks while exciting doesn't have the draw power of GSP's last several opponents and the risk/reward might not make it worth it to Georges. Champ vs Champ at LW would do much better.


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