Welcome to the Rematch Era !!

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A decent, legit rematch sells itself !! Just ask Mr. Sonnen ... LOL

I really think UFC/Joe Silva will start a gameplan and matchmakings where odds are 2 great fighters will be facing each other in a "entertaining" trilogy.

Recently we just saw and learned that most likely we will see Cain vs JDS 3. I calling it for Superbowl weekend in 2014. UFC will pump JDS up with stand up matchups where JDS will show his KO power again and make all of us wonder and want Cain vs JDS 3. Plan simple.

Now, we will be looking at a match up that IMHO will become a trilogy as well: ALDO VS EDGARD. Two great fighters, very skilled and entertaining, good fan bases, good names, well rounded. One is a former LW champion and the other one is not only the FW champion but also a top P4P. I can see Edgard taking the upcoming fight as a UD, Aldo then will beat someone like Koch (remember he was going to face Aldo anyways) meanwhile Edgard defend his belt against Zombie and when we less realize: EDGARD VS ALDO 2 will be announced. Aldo beats him, goes to LW, doesnt become the champion, comes back to FW to reclaim his belt AND .... we will be watching ALDO VS EDGARD 3.


Another trilogy pending to happen, mark my words.

Hate or love me, Cormier will the the 1st guy to beat Jones in LHW division. Well, Jones is Danas black son, Jones will probally be fed with a guy like Shobum again, destroys Shogun AGAIN (meanwhile Cormier is beating someone) and get a rematch with Cormier ... that will be CORMIER VS JONES 2.

Well, Dana will be excited about the $$$ on this whole thing. He will feed Corimer with a guy like Gus (hard time with wrestlers, meawhile Jones will be chocking Machida out again) and here we go with JONES VS CORMER 3.

Yes just speculation I know and this whole thing will happen in years to come but I just wanted to kinda throw it out there !!

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