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Looks like I hit the mother load :-) and need your questions.

You know how this works and if you don't, let me introduce myself. My name is Brady, I host an online show called 'Your Corner'. I bring the fight fans to the fighters by being the middle guy and asking them your questions.

You post your question here. I'll ask them your question, give you props in the interview and then I'll post a link to the interview in a new thread.

Please help me keep this thread sane by asking one question for each fighter. Heads up....the more ridiculous the question is, the less likely I'll ask. That doesn't mean the question can't be a fun question, just not rude or stupid.

To learn more about my interviews, go here... http://www.itsyourcorner.com
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Today's Top Fighters Answer Your Questions At 'Your Corner' Check it out here!
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    watch the titles lol
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    Damn dude thats a pretty nice score.

    Rampage- I would like to hear his opinion on the Chael vs Jones fight, and Chael getting the title shot.
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    Im guessing 1 question each so:
    Rampage: When you leave the UFC where will you go, why, and what do you think you will accomplish going to a lesser organization? Are you refinding yourself? Want to get a couple wins before comming back?

    Pettis/cerrone: With a win over cerrone/pettis do you think you get a title shot? How do you think you stack up with bendo?

    Mighty Mouse:Why dont you commit to your strikes more? Why do you run so much?
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    Ask Rampage if he got a chubby when he was dry humping that reporter while she interviewed him.
  • DJ is irrelevant.

    Ask Rampage if he beats Glover and things seem to go back to normal relationshio-wise with the UFC would he consider staying.

    Ask Cerrone how he and Ben feel about a third fight (They are friends it seems so i assume he knows Ben's take). Ask him what he would do differently in the third fight.

    Ask Pettis after being set aside for 2 title shots, how would he feel if he were to beat Cerrone in convincing fashion and Melendez were to get the shot instead.

    Thnx. Ill be looking forward to this a lot!
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  • Questions posted in the other thread
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    Rampage: now that your career is coming closer to its end do you see yourself doing more movies like Randy and Franklin?

    Pettis: what's its like training with really cool and crazy personalities like Belcher,Mitrion and Pat Barry and if he's got some funny stories

    Cerrone: I think its cool how he let's up and coming fighters move onto his ranch and work so they have a roof over thier head and not worry bout missing training expense cuz your place is a one stop shop....could you ask him his thoughts on his acts like that and other avenues a up and comer can take so training does not get swept under the rug cuz of adult life uknow

    I'm not sure how you would word that but it the pro here so do what ever with it lol

    MM: unique ways he approaches fighting a guy and does he look at more what he himself does well the set up a game plan or what the other guy is good at (I wonder this cuz as of late hes been the most athletic in the cage but when faced eith cruz it seemed he fought different...was that cuz Cruz was just as athletic or was that cuz of Cruz skill set?)

    Thanks man...i tried to ask some questions that were different the the veal cookie cutter **** these guys hear all the time

    Thanks in advance...u do a great job
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    Rampage: If you don't like Chael at all, why did you turn down the offer to fight him?

    Pettis: How large of a winning streak do you think you'll need to be given the title shot?
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    Cerrone#1 fan.

    Ask Cerrone what was going through his mind when Benson got out of that choke in their first fight, and how nostalgic it would be to fight Henderson for a third time for the title in the UFC, IF he beats Pettis.

    Also thank Pettis being so cool at the Hilton in Louisiana. He is a really humble dude and my second favorite LW.


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    thank you @Tiger_Champion for the JoR tags.
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    Dang dude, youre getting the hook up.

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    Demetrious Johnson: What are your thoughts on the 125lb division having the least amount of fighters out of any mens division, are you concerned about running out of competition having won the 125lb tournament already and do you expect a return to 135 at any point?

    Rampage: #1 In hindsight with the knowledge that the ufc is returning to Japan, would you still have fought through injury to face Ryan Bader in front of the Japanese fans and not shown the true rampage?

    #2 Besides easy fights knocking out lesser competition, what is there outside the ufc for you?

    Pettis: What are your thoughts on Clay Guida's performance against Gray Maynard and do you expect a rematch with Clay at some point?

    Cerrone: From a fighters perspective what are your thoughts on Jon Jones refusing to fight at ufc 151 because he only had 8 days to gameplan even though he had a full training camp to get in shape?

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    ^ I agree.
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    Rampage, How many Rampasian babies did you make in Japan in your time there?
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    Holy **** indeed man, that's awesome congrats.

    If I had one question for each fighter they'd probably be

    Rampage - Are you still committed with leaving the UFC after the fight, or what is the current situation? (Or even does he have as much motivation for this fight since Glover isn't a name like Machida/Shogun etc.)

    Johnson - Who do you think is next in line after Dodson and/or does he feel pressured to finish fights? (not in a rude way)

    Cerrone - Does he think having lost to Bendo twice will influence whether or not they will give him a title shot if he beats Pettis?

    Pettis - Will you implement a similar gameplan to your first Bendo fight? What do you think he might do differently or has done differently since then?

    And maybe even ask Cerrone and Pettis about what they think about the whole Melendez possibly getting a title shot and Alvarez's contract with the UFC (his offered contract I guess) and him potentially getting a title shot and how they feel about his pay when he hasn't proven himself against a lot of UFC-level comp.?

    I don't know those were just questions off the top of my head, if you don't use them it's all good but best of luck with the interviews, looks like you're getting a lot of top names now!
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    Cerrone: How was it to have your pee pee touched by Brittney Palmer?

    Okay, but seriously. With all the depth in the LW division, who would he most be excited about fighting?

    Rampage: If he does leave the UFC, what are his future plans? Will he make a run at pro wrestling? Make movies? Or will he fight for other promotions?

    Pettis: What does getting the belt back mean to you? Does the passing of your father motivate you when facing adversity?

  • YerboYerbo Posts: 2,527Free
    Awesome man, gratz! Ask Rampage why he doesn't retire since he obviously is only giving 70% max in the octagon these days.
  • SistiSisti Posts: 5,315Free
    Alright, trying to think of some cool questions that probably have not been asked to them yet...

    RAMPAGE: How would your life and the UFC be different if you didn't win the Liddell fight?
    MM: Do you feel that the flyweight division is here to stay or that there's a chance the UFC may still be evaluating whether or not it makes sense to remain in the UFC
    Pettis: Why did MTV approach you for the "I'm an MMA fighter" documentary?
    Cerrone: Who is your favorite fighter to watch?
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    If Rampage asks you if you're Jamaican, leave.
  • MilesGunnMilesGunn Posts: 3,633Registered Users
    Ask Cerrone if he would like to fight Jon Jones in the octagon
  • wesleywells1wesleywells1 TexasPosts: 7,440Free
    Cerrone: Just tell him I said he's a bawss! (You have to say it like I spelled it too)

    Rampage: Are you going to keep fighting after the Texeira fight, and if so who would you like to fight?

    Pettis: Steven Seagal vs. Chuck Norris. Who wins?

    Mighty Mouse: What do you want to be when you grow up? :))
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    I'm having a masssive hangover at the moment so thinking of any decent questions is little bit to much for me right now :D

    but congrats man, what an awesome opportunity
  • wanderleisilva101wanderleisilva101 Posts: 10,245Free
    Cerrone: ask him what he learned from the Nate Diaz loss and who he wants next if he wins or loses against Pettis.

    Pettis: ask him if he has worked much on his wrestling since the Guida loss and if he beats Cerrone does he expect a title shot finally?

    Rampage: Ask now Wanderlei has moved back up to 205lbs considering the great trilogy you guys have had would he take one more fight if that fight was offered by the UFC?
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  • Ask Rampage if he'd consider fighting at Heavyweight.

    - Mauro Pedrosa
  • TinychatBtarrdzTinychatBtarrdz Posts: 455Free

    Ask Rampage if he'd consider fighting at Heavyweight.

    - Mauro Pedrosa

    I don't think he wants to fight in a division full of cans.
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    ask rampage if the rumours are true about him and lawal being more than just friends. Hes always had that camp air about him.

    ask pettis if he learned anything from the guida fight and if he could fight guida again what would he do differently.

    ask cerrone why he thinks he gave such a bad performance against nate.
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  • StompGrindStompGrind CajunlandPosts: 22,163Free
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    Rampage: When you look at where you see yourself next year do you see yourself being 35? ( lol old pride joke there ).

    Pettis: After the highlight kick on Benson and knowing what a good wrestler he is did his confidence soar a little too much in the kickboxing department that he perhaps neglected his wrestling to a fault against Clay or was it more of a style/strategy error being too aggressive against the energizer bunny?

    Cerrone: Why is it that everytime he climbs the ladder and is nearly at the very top he winds up losing? Is there some sort of mental block with him not wanting the burden of being a champion? Because the fights he loses i can see they are very winable but the momentum shifts and i can sort of see it like thier is a lapse of focus on taking it back to swing it back in his favour. If only he were Jamie Varner motivated each and every fight from here on out his true potential would shine.
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  • MIRKO_CRO_GODMIRKO_CRO_GOD Posts: 10,094Free
    hope i'm not too late...

    to rampage: If you beat Glove in an outstanding way, and the ufc offers you a rematch with jones (maybe cause somebody got injured) would you take it ? if yes why and why not ?

    to pettis: if you get to fight henderson again, will you try to bring the fans another showtime-kick ? or will it be something other flashy ? or just playing it safe ?

    to DJ: Can you talk about people criticezing you not finishing others lastly ? btw i'm not one of these :)

    to Cerrone: What do you think could surprise Henderson if you fight him again ? what will be diffrent from the other fights ?

  • PunchBagPunchBag Posts: 8,483Free
    maybe we could also do the interviewing for him :)
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    Nice Brady!! Looking forward to it
  • AmerimanAmeriman Posts: 2,092Free
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    rampage: you seem to be great phisically yet your performances are far their prime. can you point it out any reasons?

    pettis: so far you've proved yourself as "showtime". now that you're close to the belt, will you fight safer, or will continue to amaze the fans?

    demetrious: don't you think you're too light for fighting? kthxbb

    How old are you, kid?
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