Interesting read ....UFC financial rating.

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I just feel it sometimes important to see what the creditors feel about the UFC instead of always listening to Dana spew his BIASED comments all the time.

Perhaps some with a little more knowledge in this field can further explain it all?
From what i read it sounds like they have increased some kind of debt load to payout other expenses,am i right?The way it is worded is tricky/odd but it sounds like they have a revolving credit line of 550 million.

The interesting part is reading further ,it makes it quite clear that the UFC has not been doing well and of course for the same reasons Dana and others have mentioned>>>>injuries.

I guess the UFC did a lot worse in 2011 than 2010 but were expected to rebound in 2012.The problem is that the "EXCUSE" of injuries has only been recently in the year of 2012.This article explains that they actually feel the UFC will only rebound back to 2010 standards based on the FOX tv revenue and structure.SO that tells me that if they did not have this better TV deal they might very well have had back to back years of going backwards and NOT improving the market or sport.Injuries ,hmm is that also the excuse for less merchandising,maybe ,maybe not.

Personally i pay attention to what goes on and i did not need to read this article ,to know the UFC has not been doing well over the last couple years.

The reason i do not buy into the injury excuse is the UFC still houses a LOT of good fighters but puts out mediocre cards.This very topic has come out many times of late,especially after the Jon Jones ordeal.The media simply asked if the cards have been too weak that they are totally relying on one or two fighters to sell the venue.Dana of course always twists it and avoids the real question,but facts are facts.

The UFC can continue to not listen and make excuses or argue with fans or in Dana's case often insults anyone who does not agree with him,but the sport will not grow and neither will the UFC.
IMO the ONLY reason the UFC is still holding it's own is because they are allowed to underpay so many fighters.

Dana could again twist it,but opening up in several new markets ,while showing VERY little growth or none at all,is not something to brag about.The article states they believe there is a HEALTHY cash flow inside the UFC organization but refrain from raising their credit rating for many reasons.

IMO it looks like the UFC has been spending hog wild to try and reach MANY new markets.They are simply running up this 525 million dollar loan with no fear,if their mass marketing works,great,if not,oh well it was the banks money.
Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.


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