The Rise and Fall of Strikeforce

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Read through about half and tapped. It's pretty long but interesting stuff. Sort of sad to read seeing what the promotion has come to. Will finish it later.


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    It was NEVER,not even a 1% doubt that the UFC had planned to dissolve this org,especially if no TV deal.
    The odd part is we never heard anything of an attempted renegotiation of the same deal.
    I truly believe the UFC had always intended to close it down,they have been on a crusade from day 1 to monopolize the industry.
    If anyone is blind and does not believe it,then look no further than Fedor.Dana White made it clear more times than not ,he did not like Fedor,yet he tried ,using his words to sign him at a ridiculous rate to get him.

    Obviously the plan was to take the biggest marketable name out of M!,virtually destroying that org,without having to buy them out.Not like the UFC had any choice anyhow,M1 would never sell out to them.
    These were nothing more than buyouts,the ONLY reason SF was not canned immediately was two reasons.The TV deal was easy money and they could not afford to make it too obvious that monopolization is their agenda.
    The problem is the UFC has already been allowed to dissolve all their biggest competition.By opening up in more venues now,it allows them to just steal the other orgs big names without anymore buyouts.
    IMO they are still an easy target for a lawsuit,if some saavy lawyers or the government cares.Usually the government does not care until several big name competition makes a point of it,but that no longer exists,so the UFC is sailing down easy street.
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    I am really disappointed with how strikeforce ended up. At it's peak I actually enjoyed watching it's fights more than the UFC, though the talent wasn't as good. Watching Strikeforce is also took me from saying there is no way women's fights can be entertaining to enjoying their fights (though they still need to build up a lot more names than the 4 they have now)
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    I agree that Zuffa is trying to destroy the competition and create a monopoly of the sport. They don't care that they are actually hurting the sport by doing this.
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