UFC 159 - Sonnen v. Jones

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Who do you think wins? I think it'll be Jones by submission but Sonnen will hold his own. ESPN wants to know who you think is going to win via the video platform Tout.com, so follow the link(s) below if you want your video opinions shown on TV.

Reply to this if you're picking Sonnen: http://www.tout.com/m/5o4r9d

Reply to this if you're picking Jones: http://www.tout.com/m/rnyunn

Best replies are more likely to get on TV, so creativity is good.


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    Main event blows this card better be stacked if they wanna get alot of payper view buys...... B-)
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    we dont even know one fight beside the main event
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    im really wondering who they are gonna put on this card, i heard that if Alvarez gets past this legal mumbo jumbo with bellator on Friday he will be on the 159 card, with that said who is he gonna fight? i only see a couple options at 155 for him in april. Jim Miller is one of them, the winner of pettis cerrone if the one that wins comes out unscathed. or maybe strikeforce import josh thompson, the only other one i can think of is Maynard. That doesnt leave alot of options although they all can be barn burners for fights. As far as the rest of the card im stumped especially with almost every other big name booked before that card.. Im bummed mousasi/gustaffson didnt make this card, i mean they are having 3 event in April already. I hope Jersey doesnt get screwed
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    sonnen is gonna win to easy sometimes its hard being a sonnen fan he is just that much better than everyone
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