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My grandfather boxed, was a huge fan of fighting, and I'm certainly his progeny. My dad, on the other hand, has always teetered on the brink of interest, but now that he's become aware of my interest in the UFC he's started to ask questions and I want to "bring him into the fold." What's the best way to get him started? A particular DVD? A book? A website?
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    Lawler v manhoef in SF is one to definitely watch plus its one of the best comeback wins I've ever seen
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    Just have him sit down and watch the next UFC event - if it pops with him and he likes it, cool. If not, it's not going to change his mind to show him some of the best fights from years ago. For one thing, the sport has evolved so quickly, that even the Bonnar/Forrest fight looks nothing like how current seasons of TUF would end. One of my all time favorite fights was Frank/Tito, but that's not even close to an accurate depiction of MMA anymore. Same reason why I rarely if ever show old Pride DVDs to new MMA fans.

    Start tonight, UFC on Fox 6 - Pettis/Cerrone should be fireworks, there's a chance Tex/Page is going to either be a show stealer or a snooze fest, and the main event you get a title fight with two pretty exciting fighters. It's free, and realistically, on paper it's a pretty good embodiment of UFC events look like these days. Either he likes it or he doesn't.
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    I agree with a lot of the above but everyone has that certain niche that's gonna set them off and actually get interested enough to follow it.

    For me it was Lyoto Machida dominating Rashad Evans. Ive never seen something so technically, beautifully sound. It was literally an epic fight out of a movie. I was in complete awe.
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    Anderson Silva vs Chris Leben
    Shogun vs Hendo
    Diaz vs Daley (sorry mods)
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    Andre Arlowski vs Cabbage Correira
    Paul Kelly vs Paul Taylor
    BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez

    Decent fights for the uneducated!

    Teixeira, Shogun, Nedkov,Manuwa.

    Lombard, Bisping, Belfort.

    Hathaway, Semtex,

    Sass, Khabib 'The Eagle,

    Barboza, Barao.

    Cro Cop-Penn-Liddell

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