Bisping Keeping In Fight Shape Ready For Any Injuries.

BobmysterBobmyster Posts: 2,677Free
Just seen on his twitter he's been running and keeping near fight weight ready if anyone in the MW gets injured. Would be great if wandy got injured and bisping stepped up to face Lombard. He needs this scenario to happen to get back to the top of the division quickly! I think that's his train of thought!

War bisping!
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  • wanderleisilva101wanderleisilva101 Posts: 9,402Free
    Wishing injury on Wand isn't cool bro!

    Anyway Wanderlei is fighting Stann and It's Lombard vs Okami as far as I know so I don't see how this situation works..
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    As admirable as that is, he needs to be doing that if he wants to stay relevant at all. If he steps up and gets a big win on a substitution that would be good for him.

    I'm still glad Vitor TKO'd him with that head kick.
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  • OzprideOzpride Posts: 4,079Free
    in one fact that Wand > Spitts plus he's fighting Stann.
    Although I think in a rematch Stann might catch him since he bitched his way to a wrestling decision.

    second - Why would you wish an even worse KO than Vitor did and pit him against Lombard?
    third - Nice sig. Nancy can keep running - need to stay fit to hold the door to the top five open for all the real contenders



  • BobmysterBobmyster Posts: 2,677Free
    My bad, forgot it was Lombard v okami, I was only using it as an example and don't wish injury on anyone.
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  • jdukjduk Posts: 8,284Free
    good for him, but I don't see what he achieves from fighting again so soon, he needs to go away and improve
  • samotype7samotype7 Posts: 89Registered Users
    He'd be smarter to take a little time off to let his neural tissue heal. How long was his medical suspension following the T(KO) loss
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    before the belfort fight i gave him a chance agaisnt lombard but getting TKOd from a sloppy headkick show poor technique. Lombard is dangerous and bisping would have to play it safe any use a diverse striking game to earn a decision something i now believe him incapable of doing after seeing his true skill set in the belfort fight.
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