I've called it for months...Anthony Pettis by Headkick KO in the first round. Blee dat.

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Wasn't exactly a headkick KO but a vicious, creative, elegant, breakdance first class bounce off the cage knee to the face followed up by a brutal powerkick to the midsection aka classic Bas Rutten liver kick to countless opponents resulting in the first time Cerrone has ever been stopped by strikes in his career/kickboxing career...It was a brutal ****-whuppin'. I'm sure all of you guys felt that kick through the television screen. Cowboy should've never called out Pettis. Got what he deserved. Ducking you say? LoL. I've been saying this for MONTHS. That 'Showtime' is going to show Cerrone why he was champ in the WEC and why Cowboy was not. And now you all know. This is exactly why Pettis was the last WEC Champ in history. This is for all the doubters. The naysayers. The skeptics. The disbelievers. Bendo better duck Showtime like his life depends on it. Pettis has his number meng. Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis...Lightweight champ in 2013. BELIEVE!!!

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Been on the Anthony "Showtime" Pettis train since day one. No questions asked. Showtime Attack Force Too Strong.
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