Replace Kenny Florian/Jon Anik with Bas Rutten/Stephen Quadros

cdaburnabcdaburnab Posts: 205Free
Is it just me or is this a no brainer? I'm not just talking about when Joe Rogan/Mike Goldberg aren't calling the card, but for the pre-fight previews/commercials as well Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros should be the back up team. They got much more experience, have much better voices and personalities, and just bring so much more to the table.

I mean Jon Anik and Kenny Florian have NO personalities when they talk on the mic. If that's the best they can do then it's a damn shame. UFC is supposed to be at the forefront of MMA, and having great announces like Rogan/Goldberg is one of the reasons it's come such a long way. Anik/Florian will never have that same chemistry ever, it just isn't in them. We gave them a shot, I think it's time for a change now.

If you agree Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros should replace Jon Anik and Kenny Florian please let it be known.
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