What you wish some fighters did...

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I wish:
GSP - gets TRT treatment, he needs to grow a pair
Sonnen - gets a HW title if he loses to Jones
Clay Guida - gets tired
Jones - gets finished by Silva
Edgar - becomes the Brock Lesnar of the flyweight division
Aldo - moves up to LW to hold 2 titles simultanously
Andy Silva - (as above)
Evans - fights Silva at MW
Belfort - gets a faceslap for babbling randomly insted of answering the interviewer's questions


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    Nick Diaz - to no test positive so he can hold the belt

    Actually I see a nice development here, similar to that with Evans/Jones debacle at LHW:
    1. Diaz wins title.
    2. MacDonald gets title shot and wins it.
    3. GSP probably then wants to fight MacDonald after all.

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    Jones - Beats Glover, Gustafsson and Hendo/Machida winner then moves up to HW
    DC - Remains at HW and agrees to fight Cain
    GSP - Finish fights
    Anderson - Fight the top contenders, not the top names. Or drop the title and then go search for his big name fights.
    Frankie - Beats Aldo and moves up to beat Benson once again.
    Aldo - Beats Frankie and moves up to fight Pettis for #1 contender spot. (Or Pettis beats Benson and we get Aldo vs Pettis)... Pettis vs Aldo
    Machida - Become the first man to KO Hendo
    Bisping - Go on a 5 fight KO losing streak
    Rashad - Drop to Middleweight
    Uncle Creepy - Beat the snot out of Mighty Mouse
    Vitor - Focus on a rematch with Anderson instead of Jones
    Derek Brunson - **** off to Bellator
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    Alan Belcher - to smash Bisping
    Condit - Win against Rory decisively
    Ellenberger - to improve his cardio
    Russians from Bellator - signed by the UFC
    The Rock - whoop Cena for the second time at Wrestlemania
    Anderson - to get humbled
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  • WarWestWarWest Órale VatoPosts: 33,764Free
    Fitch - Get cut
    Barnett - Come to the UFC
    Lombard - Get a title shot
    GSP - Get violently knocked out in his next 3 fights and get cut from the sport of MMA
    Alvarez - Get signed by the UFC
    Joe B. - Get another title shot
    Nick Diaz - Work on your wrestling, learn how to change gameplans mid-fight, and win the title
    Edgar - Get taken to the hospital after the Aldo fight, cry again on how "I thought I did enough", get cut
    Woodley - Get KO'd again

    There's others but thats enough for now
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    Big Nog - learn to not get hit so he can become a top HW guy again and retire and go into the HOF

    Wandy - see Big Nog

    Palhares - learn more Wrestling/Judo

    Miguel Torres - remember that he's a BJJ Ace and not a striker

    Thiago Alves - heal up and fights aggressive again...also drop Dolce cuz sure hes making weight now but he does not seem to have his power anymore

    Gilbert Ywel - get signed by the UFC and fights at 205
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    Barnett- comes to UFC
    Kharitonov- same as above
    Wanderlei- beats Brian Stann by brutal KO from clinch knees
    Hendo- KTFO Machida and Jones by H-Bomb
    Fitch- cut
    Shields- see Fitch
    Okami- see Shields and Fitch
    Korean Zombie- gets a title shot
    Vitor- Fights Lombard and wins to get a rematch with Silva
    BJ Penn- go back to 155 and kick some ****
    Hendricks- KOs Ellenberger and gets a shot at GSP
    Nick Diaz- gets embarrassed by GSP
    GSP- gets KTFO by Hendricks
    Jones- loses to someone
    Cro Cop- wins his last fight (kickboxing or MMA) by left high kick
    Fedor- gets bored with retirement and trains harder than ever, gets in phenomenal shape, makes 205, and comes back to destroy everyone at LHW
    WAR Wand, Hendo, Couture, Fedor, Lytle, Cro Cop, Frye, Sakuraba, Bas, Kharitonov, Barnett, Minowaman, Belfort, Sonnen, Zombie, Franklin, Thomson, Swanson, Wineland, Texeira, Belcher, Miller brothers, Cerrone, Palhares, Arlovski, Ludwig, Yamamoto, Barry, Hendricks, Benavidez, Munoz, Stephens, Jacare, Sanchez, Big Nog, Hunt, Maia, Brown, Lawler, Buentello, Zingano!!!

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    Just one thing mainly.
    ALL wrestlers lose their upperhand in fights somehow.
    And I mean guys like Cain, GSP, Jones(altho he doesn't use his wrestling too much, but i still dislike him), Frankie, Mighty Mouse, etc etc etc
    I'm atleast hoping Alistair will come in and take back the HW division from the wrestler at the top.
  • BeanslegendBeanslegend Posts: 808Free
    Frankie - Stop crying and accept that he lost to BJ in the first, Maynard in their 2nd, and Bendon both times easily.
    Silva - Stop taking easy fights, and fight decent fighters, not cans in the 2nd worst division behind HW.
    GSP - Stop being so dam good, that kids need to troll you on the internet as the only attack that can hurt him.
    Aldo - Stop assuming your anything in MMA accept a guy who's beaten 3 good fighters out of 23.
    Cruz- Stop being so good at your division and get a ddecent fricken doctor to fix your knee.
    Cain - Stop making excuses about everything that goes wrong, and man up, also get some cardio and power, you gassed in round 3 and couldn't finish the most punch drunk heavyweight in history.
    Mighty Mouse - Stop Lay n Praying guys and giving a bad name for a divsion that's exciting, just because you can wrestle doesn't mean you should embarass the division like you did this weekend.
  • NikkiNeversleepNikkiNeversleep ChicagoPosts: 5,030Free
    Anderson Silva-fight Weidman.
    JDS - get HIS belt back
  • I hope Shogun retires, he shouldn't hurt his legazee anymore
  • TinychatBtarrdzTinychatBtarrdz Posts: 451Free
    Jones - get arm triangled by Chael "The GOAT" Sonnen
  • WarWestWarWest Órale VatoPosts: 33,764Free

    I hope Shogun retires, he shouldn't hurt his legazee anymore

    I feel the same way about Penn
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    Nip slip from Celeste, or Palmer **** i'd get excited for a Herb Dean wardrobe malfunction.
  • MGunMGun GOATPosts: 3,124Free

    Nip slip from Celeste, or Palmer **** i'd get excited for a Herb Dean wardrobe malfunction.

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  • Derek Brunson - **** off to Bellator

    Couldn't agree more he shits me with his tweets every time I see I'm tweet I tell him how **** he is and what not .
    Machida-to k.o hendo perhaps move to MW if unsuccessful in beating jones
    Teixeira- for him to fight a top 10 COMPETITOR
    Jones- wanna see him get brutalized
    Gsp - finish a fight
    Carlos condit- knock out rory, that would turn rory mental
    Renal barao- to hold the interim and defend it til Cruz gets backs and then pummel him
    Cruz- stop wrecking his knees from suck rouseys oversize clit like a schlong
    Faber- retire
    Big country- shape up and go for the hw title
    JDS- k.o Cain in less then 50 secs
    Overeem- to fail a test again
    Aldo- beat Edgar and then take the lw belt
    Chris Weidman- fight a top contender
    Lombard- challenge for a title
    Spitts- get ko'd off the roster
    Ronda rousey- get beaten to a retarded vegetated state by cyborg
    Cyborg- to lose the weight to kill rousey
    Dana white- stop promising the big fights,cut the women's division,
    (x.X)Q(^.^Q) p4p ....... Weidman is a can......and Pettis will get sodomized by Aldo

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