LW is such an awesome division

SistiSisti Posts: 5,314Free
Cerrone/Pettis was freakin great. Both fighters are as entertaining as they get and have great records

Bendo/Diaz was awesome. Not a huge diaz fan, but he does have a lot of entertainment value. Extremely happy with Bendo as champ and am enjoying his matches, especially the fact that we get a lot of them free on Fox

Melendez is going to be an awesome addition to the division, and is on a 7-fight win streak and current SF champ

Alvarez would be a great addition as well and see him coming soon

Michael Chandler is 11-0 and is an extremely skilled possible title contender

I could go on and on, but the division is **** great. Very much looking forward to the free Bendo/Melendez fight


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