Pettis: Liver kick is worse than a KO

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Former WEC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis (16-2) says a flush liver kick will shut your body down. Pettis talked to Sherdog Radio Network about last weekend's win over Donald Cerrone (19-5) at UFC on FOX 6. Pettis caught Cowboy early and often, finishing the fight less than halfway through the first round. In that time, he attempted a cartwheel kick, landed a flying knee off the cage and broke "Cowboy" with three heavy body kicks. "Showtime" came out in his traditional southpaw taekwondo stance and had his rival's measure from the first punch. Now 3-1 in the UFC, he has elected sit out and wait for a title shot against the winner of Benson Henderson (18-2) and Gil Melendez (21-2).

"I hit him with the first body kick and I caught him reaching for a punch, and that’s the worst time to get hit. Your body’s fully extended. You’re not expecting to get hit. I caught him with the first one and I could tell in his face right away that he was hurt, but he’s one of them guys that’s still dangerous ... Your body shuts down. You can’t do anything. Your mind’s still working and you know you want to fight back, and being at this level I’m sure he wanted to fight back, but when you get hit like that and that clean, your body just shuts down. You literally can’t do anything. It’s a sucky feeling because you’re fully conscious. I think it’s worse than a knockout because you’re fully conscious. You know what’s going on, but you just can’t fight back.”

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