Aldo Is Going To Kick Off Super Bowl Early

FroZeNFroZeN Posts: 4,762Free
You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen, Jose Aldo is going to kick off the super bowl early. He will pretend that Edgars head is the football, have an imaginary kicking tee in place for him, and proceed to perform a kick off that will certainly fly out of the end zone and land safely in the ruins of the Jersey Shore.

It's going to be a bad weekend to be a fan of the east coast. First you have Edgar getting mauled by Aldo like one of Michael Vicks' dogs, then you have the Ravens losing in the Super Bowl. Unlike the Super Bowl though, this won't be close. Point fighting Frankie won't be able to dance his way in to victory this time, or even a controversial decision because before kick off is reached, Aldo will have many practice punts on Edgars' legs. Frankie "The Dancer" Edgar will be no more. His leg will be more messed up than RGIII's in the wild card game against the Seahawks.

Fortunately for Frankie, his herd of fans will always blame "size" and "strength" for the loss because Aldo is Alistairs long lost twin brother. This will continue until Frankie goes down all the weight classes one by one a la Kenny Florian...but what happens when he runs out of weight classes (no pun intended)? I guess you can say, he's danced his last dance.


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