BigFoot destroys Cain in their rematch, You know it.

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Hey boys n girls, Beanslegend here with another edition of the beans guy of things back at you after a great night of fights.

I would like to talk about a certain someone, that is jemapelle Antonio "BigFoot" Silva who in my opinion was going to win the fight, in which I was alone on this days ago. Now that my prediction came true, I'm a believer in rematches, such as Cain vs Bigfoot in which two in a row for the big man in a HW division against top guys usually solidifies a title shot.

JDS of course will need 1 win at least to come back, i'm thinking against Overeem or Cormier, or Barnett, or Cheeseburger Roy, or Carwin or one of the other top HW's.

This is a shorter edition of the beans guy of things, and my question to you all is what do you guys think? Will BigFoot get this immediate rematch? Will he need 1 more? If he doesn't who will get the fight?
Finally if they do fight again which in my opinion only seems like a guarantee what will happen?

My prediction friends, is BigFoot by a 2nd round TKO. My reasons lie with the fact that if Cain didn't cut BigFoot, it would have been a different fight. We saw tonight BigFoot lost 1 n 2, and yet looked so fresh after tons of body shots, head shots, bad **** knees and takedowns implemented by OverRoid.
Also BigFoot knows what to expect and work against it, what do you guys think?

BigFoot destroys Cain in their rematch, You know it.

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