Frankie should change camps

He needs to go somewhere to help him work around is weaknesses. He needs to get away from Ricardo Almeida and go up to Tristar, ATT, AKA, Greg Jackson's or somewhere. Edgar lost 1,2,and 5. He needs to figure out how to overcome his round one struggles because 9 times out of 10 he goes to decision. If he gets his *** beat in round 1 in a three round fight, he will fade off into the blue. I feel TriStar is the best place for him. DISCUSS


  • najmanajma Posts: 2,080Free
    he needs some1 to teach him how to make significant strikes. He seems not to be able to commit to hit strikes.
  • zaksamezaksame Posts: 4,342Free
    Well i agree with changing coaches,Tri Star is not the answer.I have got rather miffed watching GSP over the years,he has not improved at all.
    If you ever see a fighter give his back to GSP,he won't take it,he will instead move to side control.You also VERY rare ever see GSP use arm triangle chokes or any finishing moves.You also rarely see elbow use,instead we see a lot of arm striking even though the arms are tied up.That is bad training and dumb fighting,so Tri Star doesn't "GET it" the same way as many others don't.

    What i see in this sport is it is up to each individual to adapt and learn,some get it,MANY don't.I see a guy like Jones and he gets it,he sometimes is slow to adapt during his fights,but eventually he adapts perfectly.Edgar has ONLY one game and that is dancing around and jabbing,really nothing more than a faster version of what Bj Penn became over the last few years.

    All Frankie had to do was wrestle Aldo 100% of the time.Hold him,grab him,fight dirty,keep everything inside and engaged,but he just does not ever fight that way for some reason.Most of the time that point scoring does work,but he is not fighting up to his full potential,he is fighting one dimensional and i doubt any camp will ever change that.
    Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.
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