Cans in the UFC, and in MMA in general

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Cans in MMA

So like so many else i can't help being baffled by the use of the word can on this forum (and a few other MMA forums).. I also had a friend over who is a big MMA fan who had never read a online MMA forum before.. He also reacted on the word can, which seem to be used on mostly all fighters in the sport..

So to help people like him i have tried to define what a "can" in MMA is.

My first task was to define why fighters was considered cans.. I quickly learned that it was an impossible task, but that it was possible to create a ruleset on the few who are not considered cans...
The rule (in most cases) is that all fighters are cans, except if they meet one or more of the following requirements:
1. Be undefeated, and having beat at least 1 or 2 famous fighters who are NOT cans
2. Being on a 3-4 win streak over top 10/20 UFC fighters
3. Being champion in a division, and defending your belt minimum 1 time, maximum 3 times
4. Not being in a division that has a champion with more than 3 title defences (This rule overrides the prior mentioned rules. All fighters ina weigh class are automatically cans if the champion is to dominant.)
5. Must be a crowd pleaser and finish at least 50% to 75% of all fights.
6. Must be currently active
7. Must be overhyped (right now), and having a very impressive fight in his last fight

Now i have tried to look at some of the fighters who get the word can written a long side their name and see if the rules actually work..

JDS: He was undefeated, having beat a few good fighters so he was GOAT material. The Cain ended his win streak and suddenly he was a can (he no longer fullfilled any of the rules)

GSP: GSP is on a huge winning streak, having beaten everyone in front of him.. but he does not finish enough fights so he is (the rules don't lie) a can

BJ Penn: As a former GOAT who dominated his division (but remeber since he dominated the division everyone in it was cans), he has been out of luck for a few years loosing a few fights. So not only is he a can, but he is to blame that all LW fighters was cans for a while.

Silva: Silva has denfeded his belt a million times, so he is the reason that MW is a can warehouse.. Because of this, he has not beaten anyone that is not a can, and therfore he is a can.

The HW division (except Cain):
Nobody at HW have a decent win streak against anyone who are not a can, so therfore everyone are cans. Cain is the exception as he beat JDS (who was not a can, until Cain beat him), and fought an excelent fight.


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