Did 156 Contain The Most Upsets/Surprises On A Single Card In UFC History?

TalkLostTalkLost Posts: 14Free
1. A very talented veteran, Yves Edwards, who was coming off a brutal knockout of Jeremy Stephens losing to a nobody.

2. Tyron Woodley, who everyone expected to Lay 'n Pray Jay Hieron to a boring decision comes out aggressive and knocks Hieron out in 30 seconds. Pretty surprising and impressive seeing as not even Jake Ellenberger could knock out Hieron.

3. I don't know whether people consider this a big upset or not but I sure as hell didn't see Maia beating Fitch, let alone controlling him and taking him down at will whenever he wanted to. I think this was a huge surprise to everybody.

4. Overeem getting knocked out by Bigfoot. I don't think anyone can honestly say they expected that to happen, massive upset if you ask me.

5. Evans losing to Nogueira was in my opinion the biggest upset of the night. After Lil Nog's losses to Bader and Davis, I gave him zero chance at beating Evans, but he did just that, and in doing so, shocked everyone.

6. I wouldn't really call Aldo vs. Edgar an upset but amazingly Aldo was a big underdog going into that fight and he beat Edgar quite convincinlgy in my opinion.


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