Who else is pissed about missing more great fights because of FUEL TV.

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The next Fuel (Faags Using Eye Liner) card looks awesome and I'm ready to punch babies and/or kittens over it. Yes I'm gotten to. Yes my jimmies are rustled to the point of rash status.

Barao vs Macdonald (basically a title fight). Dammit! Dustin vs Cub. Dammit! (Ive already missed a great Diamond fight because of this BS). Gunnar Nelson- heard so much about the guy on here but have never seen him fight. Guess that will continue. Ryan Jimmo- been following him since he fought Soakajew (sp lol) but haven't yet seen him fight in the UFC. Guess that will continue.

I really hate being out of the loop on details of fights because well, its fun to argue, and if you don't have your facts straight you get owned.

I happen to like Comcast Cable and think its a little ridiculous that I would have to switch cable providers just for this retarded limited access channel.

I know Fuel is merging into a new channel in the near future and I pray Dana doesn't make the same mistake twice.

I cant be alone in hating the concept of showing UFC events (with big fights) on a limited access channel.
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