Congrats Big Foot !!

KcEnRuYTcetoRpKcEnRuYTcetoRp Posts: 42Free
I dont think id be ready to step him back in with cain yet. But great job tooling overeem !!

He was so cocky and what a perfect game plan to lure him in. One of the mos favorite trick Brazilians do !! Just like werdum and the nogs fake injury and fall to their back Silva exploited Overeem in two ways. He took advantage of his cockiness and set him up ..
Played slow to build up overeems mentality, and save gas for late in the fight .. Third round he came out like a beast !!

Dont you guys get why overeem was so hyped ?? The reem documentary ??? WTF The fake withdraw from strikeforce tournament. .. The setup fight for brocks way out and reems way in ..

Every fight people fall so hard for the idiots put on this forum to create buzz around fighters ..


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