its ok to cry edgar !!

KcEnRuYTcetoRpKcEnRuYTcetoRp Posts: 42Free
Everyone is hating on franky cause he threw a tantrum and cant except losing . I say good ahead and cry franky. All these people surround you and tell you your the best when in fact your second best at best. You have no choice but to not believe what the judges handed out cause you only want to be number 1 !! So it bothers you bad and it burns inside.

move to 135 where your size is more advantageous to you than not. Your to small and have no KO power. You dont have the natural moves to get in the pocket. You dance around like clay guida and land lucky strikes and take-downs. You use to be more fierce as a younger fighter.. now you have way to much technicality. you have officially kenny florioed out keep fighting and get some wins.. build your confidence up and biceps and try again
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