So once Aldo defeats Pettis then what?

Does Aldo go and take the lightweight belt and be granted an immediate fight?, where do the Pettis nuthuggers go? Will thre just be a tumbleweed rumbling through this forum with just a few brave Pettis fan ever coming out from the dark corners.....

If Aldo defeats Pettis he should automatically get Pettis number one contenders spot because the sheer fact why should he risk losing his belt to a division hopper and potentially hold up his division and his chances of getting his belt back without there being a substantially reward? Even though he won't lose to petcan
(x.X)Q(^.^Q) p4p ....... Weidman is a can......and Pettis will get sodomized by Aldo

What's worst a Frankie Edgar signature tantrum or the amount of butthurt this sig makes for his fanboys?


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