Message Board Has Lost its Zip

Is it just me or is the message board blahhhh? I used to be excited checking every few hours and seeing rumors or cool postings. What happened?


  • SteelerNation43SteelerNation43 Posts: 12,651Free
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    What happened?

    To many ****holes hating on fighters that just lost....true story.
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  • SteelerNation43SteelerNation43 Posts: 12,651Free
    TUF1 said:

    It's all perspective

    Personally I've been here for 3 and half years and I've never enjoyed the forum more

    the fighter bashing is annoying though....ive been handing out disagrees like im a jehovah witness.

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    I have no problem with people being a fan of a fighter but the attention seekers on here are annoying sometimes!

    You have people making threads like they're the biggest fan ever and everyone else who didn't constantly spam the forum about them are less of a fan..then you have others who are bandwagon fans who will be all over a fighter when he's winning then **** on him if he loses or has a bad fight.

    Still there are some good posters on here.
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    I'm a little fanboyish when it comes to Hendo but he doesn't make it too hard with fights like that absolute war against Shogun.

    I think fanboy vs fanboy can make for a great argument or entertaining thread, as long as logic is present.

    Been on here since Dec 2011 (lurked for quite a bit before that) but I post more now than ever. Theres been some awesome fights to discuss/rant about over the last year or so.
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