Possibility of GSP faking ACL-tear

DopexotDopexot Posts: 85Free
Before people start making me out for a troller, I'm not trying to troll.

I just want to take a look at the positive and negative effects of it, and a possibility of Dana's cooperation.

GSP faking an injury freezed the title-options in the division for a long time. #1 contenders were built and crushed, one after another, because eventually the chance of losing after being #1 contender is big. GSP didn't have anything to worry about in the period, he could just take a long, long camp and train like an animal to get a huge advantage (in his eyes of course).

The only negative-part of it, is the ring rust. That's it.

The chance of Dana cooperation is a big possibility because we all know Dana loves to have GSP as the champ, and he wants him to stay champ as long as possible, and if GSP could impress him with the idea, the chance that Dana cooperates is big.

How do you guys think about the possibility of this?

P.S. I'm honest, I'm a Nick Diaz fan, but I am no hater towards GSP and this is NO troll.


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