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hello folks

havent been on here in quite a while.just thought i drop my opinion on the next event in the uk.what a load of ****.why do we always get a terrible card??im starting to feel that dana and THE MATCH MAKER are taking the piss when it comes to putting on a show in the uk.i have been a avid fan of the ufc for many years and these cards in my own country just have very little appeal.
whats your opinion.



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    load of, hence why I've never been to a ufc in the uk.. It's a shame, but i'm thinking even if we had a god like anderson, all the fights would be be in the USA. The UK card is a joke, maybe they realise espn have lost the footie and so nobody is actually going to keep subbing..

    Actually, aside from illegal downloads, what are uk folk going to do when espn goes ****-up? For the US forumites, in the uk we pay 25 bucks a month for espn, which gives us ufc and fx matches.. also showed premier football games.. they just lost the football to a rival channel, so 95% of subscribers will be gone, man, I'm praying somebody picks up the espn contract.
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    It's pathetic...
    Back when the UFC wasn't big in England we had Rampage vs Henderson Pride/UFC unification bout, Penn winning the LW title, Liddell vs Shogun & Rashad, UFC 70 was stacked.

    Now UFC is huge in Britain and we not get anything, it's like they know they've got the fan base in the UK so they concentrate on breaking new markets instead of keeping the loyal fans happy.

    We're now seeing events in UK, HEADLINED... Yes HEADLINED by Struve vs Miocic or Munoz vs Leben...

    I think there should be a boycot by the fans, if nobody turns up to Barao vs McDonald then maybe we'll start getting decent cards, not cards full of s**t British fighters.

    Teixeira, Shogun, Nedkov,Manuwa.

    Lombard, Bisping, Belfort.

    Hathaway, Semtex,

    Sass, Khabib 'The Eagle,

    Barboza, Barao.

    Cro Cop-Penn-Liddell

  • WaffenWaffen Posts: 24Free
    right with you p9, however, with the introduction of the filler weights.. we are always going to be screwed, vote with your feet is what I say.. I really think this is very silly what with espn losing the footie rights, could see mma in the uk reduced to watching cagerage lol...
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