Jordan Mein , A Fighter On The Right Track:


Jordan Mein 26-8-0 is scheduled to fight Dan Miller in UFC 158.

He is 23 years old with some experience in fighting in the cage beyond his young age ( His nickname: Young Gun )

His physics is tailor made for 170 ( and 185 in future) with 6 feet tall and 73 inches reach . He has a good coach in his corner who knows his weak sides and stick sides ( his father ) and he has been fighting from the time he was 16.

He has a split decision loss to Tyron Woodley in Strikeforce. ( Jan 2012 ) and won matches against Joe Riggs, Josh Burkman, and Marius Zaromskis.

He knows how to avoid punches quite well and avoid kicks to the head relatively good. His counter punch ability by staying out of the range of his opponents seems quite impressive and he knows how to avoid the rage of an over aggressive opponent in the first minutes of the fights. He has some decent Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing experience which is both offensive and defensive in nature and his records shows that:

Wins 26
By knockout 14
By submission 7
By decision 5
Losses 8
By knockout 1
By submission 4
By decision 3

His take down defense is decent but possibly the area he needs to work more in the future. His left body punch is very effective and he can execute this liver punch both in offensive and defensive mood.

The interesting aspect of Jordan that makes me think he would have a bright future in the UFC is his ability to switch from Game plan A to B or C in a very short amount of time which is what is a skill that either you have it or not.

Gas tank of him is decent if not great and breaking him both mentally and physically is not easy ( not tested in highest level yet).

Dan Miller is a decent opponent for his debut but I think after UFC 158 there will be more talk about this young Upcoming welterweight in UFC and I think he can handle Dan Miller quite impressively. His patience when fighting to take the opponent apart piece by piece is one of the winner aspects of his arsenal.

It is not about win or lose, it is about heart. Leave all you have in the Octagon and you are a winner in my book.
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  • Little_KangLittle_Kang Posts: 17,800Moderator, Ultimate
    I know Jordan and his dad Lee. They both been here for fights and ive been out to lethbridge for fights. I saw Jordan when he was 18 fighting at 145. Ive seen his jiu jitsu really harden and his striking really shine
  • wanderleisilva101wanderleisilva101 Posts: 9,365Free
    Yeah I can see him doing quite well in the UFC he's still young and has a lot of fights under his belt already against some tough opposition I have him beating Miller too.
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