Okay you have to choose....

horrorfan663horrorfan663 Posts: 772Free
Hypothetical Situation
Offered $100,000
Which of the following would you choose:

One Hammer fist to the face from Brock Lesnar
- He's in your guard, you can't block your face

One Liver Kick from Mirko Crop Cop
- You can attempt to block your body with only one of your arms, you can't move

One Knee to the face from Anderson Silva
- In his clinch up against the cage, you can attempt block your face

One Spinning Back Elbow from Jon Jones
- You cant move, you cant block

One Spinning Back Kick from Dennis Siver
- You can't move, you can't block

One Power Slam from Rampage Jackson
- In triangle choke position, you can't let go of the hold, you can't break your fall

Silva. idk how i feel about Silva. I feel like anything he had going for him coming into the UFC was ripped away when Cain pulled that drive by on him back at 146. Poor guy never even saw the Astro Van coming.....


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