Shields returning to welterweight with sights set on Carlos Condit or Jake Ellenberger

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"I'm hungry to fight right now, I've been training really hard. The problem is there's not a lot of opponents for me right now, but I want to fight. I'm kind of stuck waiting, but I'm hoping something pulls together quick."

"I'm always kind of stuck in the middle, it's either a big cut or I'm small at the weight, I was constantly trying to keep my weight up, I was eating all the time and lifting all the time. I never really got over 195 pounds and even then all the 170-pounders are bigger than that. Basically I got a new diet, a cleaner diet, I've got my weight back down into the high 180's."

"I made some changes, my weight came down, my cardio feels better, I feel a lot cleaner with more energy,"

Probably get knocked out by both but he could beat Ellenberger if he survives the first round.


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