The Walk-in GOAT

mutharashamutharasha Posts: 697Free
James Te-Huna a legend, I lol'ed so hard when he came out in a tux and started dancing. Would have been embarrasing as **** if he'd lost but hey, he looked good in those last to rounds and comeback of the year candidate? What's not to like?

UFC 160 = the night Kiwis will fly.

The Kuddles Krew yo - Vitor ''The Phenom'' Belfort, Chael Sonnen, TJ Dillashaw, Frankie ''The Answer'' Edgar, Pat ''HD'' Barry, Erik Perez, Darrell Montague, Robert Drysdale, Charles ''Do Bronx'' Oliveira, Thiago Silva


Survivor Series 1 Runner Up (boy crie :'((((((((( )

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