Top 5 biggest names in the UFC to have never won a belt

SistiSisti Posts: 5,312Free
Who would you say are the biggest names in the UFC that have been making waves and taking big fights, but have still never had a belt

I'd go with

1. Chael Sonnen (the king of trash talking and making waves in MMA all the time, but never had the belt)
2. Diego Sanchez (he has been in the UFC for a very very long time, has millions of fight of the night bonuses, has an interesting personality, but no belt)
3. Michael Bisping (another guy who is huge in the trash talking game, but just can't get past the top 3 level...unlike most people on this list, he has not even been to a title match yet)
4. Josh Koscheck (very well-known name and has been around forever)
5. Alistair Overeem (he has had quite a few titles, but never had the big one)


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