Machida>Henderson - Sigbet?

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I'm absolutely certain that Machida will come into this fight equipped with an unbeatable gameplan. He trains with three men who have defeated henderson via submission, so I'm convinced that a lot of his gameplan will rely on getting this fight to the ground. Now, I know what you're going to say. "But, Hendo was an Olympic level Greco-Roman wrestler!" Yeah, well, that was ages ago. Dan Henderson has since all but destroyed his body, and his back will never be the same. His cardio isn't exactly at the level of an Olympic athlete these days either. Now, if there's anything we know about Lyoto, it's that he's got elite takedowns and extraordinary timing. If Machida wants it to go to the ground, I'm convinced he only has to decide to take it there. When he's there, he's practically already secured a submission win.


Boston threw me a god damn beating. DOOMGOAT REIGNS SUPREME


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