Condit vs Hendricks

first of all macdonald is lucky because condit would've tko'd him. and he would've gotten busted for elevated testosteron levels. (imo)

now hendricks vs condit is a great fight that can easily be fight of the year

I think it will go like this.

It will be a good first round for both with hendricks rocking condit once or twice but not really being near the finish.
Condit will come back strong in the second and outstrike hendricks and win with 10-9
The 3rd round will decide the fight, and i think it will be closer than the other rounds but it will go to condit.

so i got condit 29-28

i see this as a VERY close fight in which everything can happen
from condit tapping hendricks, hendricks wrestling condit like grease, condit knocking hendricks out, hendricks tko'ing condit

so a very interesting fight




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