UFC is no longer real fighting, or sports fighting. Its show fighting.

joeyp1joeyp1 Posts: 272Free
Real fighting is ufc 1.

Sports fighting respects only the rules and the rankings. The rankings didnt exist until recently and the rules are being scrapped, for the invisible hand of dana, relegating people after one loss if they dont fight HOW HE WANTS THEM TO FIGHT.

"So...you wanna be MY fighter... "

dana is now a choreography coach.

and thats too far.

mma is no longer sports fighting.

its show fighting,.

thats where you land when you effectively restrain, prohibit and censor two thirds of the mma triangle.

boost non entities into title shots in a division they are irrelevant in.
tell kongo how to fight, like the rules dont already do that.
drop fitch and volkmann on one loss, when guys on 4 losses while they were going on 5 and 15 win streaks remain.
play those story line and twitter out bursts, and hobble every journalist into shillville, banning those who retain integrity.

but dont call it a sport.

ufc mma as a sport is done.

its now show fighting, and thats all it is.

one stop from sports entertainment and two stops and exiting its real fighting origin.



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