Geesus Stout

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That is the perfect fight to watch to see how you TRY to LOSE a fight you SHOULD win.
First round is super grueling,both fighters working hard.What does his corner do?Stout is tired and standing the entire break,BRUTAL corner work.
What does his corner tell him after round 2?Your winning 2-0,don't do anything stupid.There is no way in hell he was a lock at 2-0,again brutal corner work.Stout used sooo much energy securing dominant position on the fence,yet ONLY once the entire fight,does he get a TD.Instead he allowed Fodor to get the TD's and was VERY lucky Fodor did not win that fight.

That was perfect example of screwing around,take the guy down and pound him,leave no question in the decision.

On a good note ,it is nice to see Stout continue to evolve,but his upper body is too big,he lacks quickness and cardio.
I am glad Stout won but man he did his best to lose that fight,not cool because i bet if he lost he would be cut.
Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.


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