Cecile Peoples thinks HENDO actually won. Good company you trolls be keeping!

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I think that settles it. Just got released, he was the idiot voting for the guy who got embarrassed.

Machida by not being the guy cecile peoples voted for.

and mugging an old man lol.
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    Who the heck is Cecil a clown on the Uncle Bobby Show?
    How could Hendo even think he won,what did he deliver a total of MAYBE 3 strikes?He did not get a take down,Lyoto slipped all he maybe gets is ring control but doing NOTHING with ring control does not bode well for "deserving" a win.
    Did Lyoto do a lot,,no he did not do much either,but he did do more than Hendo and that was enough to warrant the win.I think msot fans agree that was not a fight,that a waste of time and imo both the two main card fights went as expected,a waste of time.

    That fight was a carbon copy of that Lombard fight,no action,perhaps should be a draw.IMO there SHOULD be minimum standards met or nobody gets a round,if it ends in a draw,so be it.

    Gina Miesha Kyra ...yes please.
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    even hendo fans knew the game was up when news came out that cecil had given the fight to him.

    they should drop cecil into war zones. whoevers side he takes will just pack up and go home.

    if cecil peoples had supported bin laden, a week later we would have got an apology video from afghanistan.
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    Seriously whoever scored Hendo 29/28 needs sacking. A bloody discrace!
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