Hendo vs. Rashad (and other fight to make happen)

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Both these guys were top 5ers who just lost with rashads being the worst of them(Black house continued dominance over wrestlers who think they can strike keeps going on)

Both are close in ranking and are still big names who can main event a card I think

If rashad does not move to 185 this could be the fight needed for him to get back into the title hunt...or the fight that makes him know that 185 should be his only choice if he wants ufc gold again

At first I would say Rashad would be the fav to win...not I'm not sure...with his forgotten Head movement skills he could get koed

Thoughts on if this match up should happen...thoughts on who would win

What other fights should happen now
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What do you get when you take A.Silva's clinch game + Mark Hunt's Iron Chin + Mushy Lady Parts?

A: Cat Zingano....the UFC's true #1 women's contender

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