Women in the UFC as the MAIN event:

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Last night's PPV was one of the worst that I have seen in a long time. With the exception of the Brice fight and Faber's submission win, the rest was anticlimactic. I have never missed a PPV since the days of Don Frye, Shamrock etc.. and generally speaking the under card or either the main event gives you your monies worth. This was the 1st time that I have ever regretted purchasing the PPV. I absolutely believe that women should compete in MMA but the UFC is the top of the food chain and there are vast differences between woman's MMA fights and men's, so not as the main event... I have been to hundreds of house shows around the country and we all know that there are filler matches or exhibition bouts to fill the card but the UFC is again, the top of the food chain and has never resorted to side show gimmicks to fill a card before. My view is slanted as I am an active practitioner and a vivid enthusiast of the sport. Last night's show was obviously meant to widen the fan base but for me it just took another step toward's commercialization and away from the sport's roots. The UFC to me was still pure and raw and I understand that they must appeal to the mainstream to continue the unprecedented growth but women as a main event with GSP, Couture, Jones, Ice Man, Silva, etc.. I watched the fight with my entire gym and most of the guys were hoping that Rousey had a wardrobe malfunction... My hope is that the introduction of woman's MMA events to the UFC does not water down the rawness that I am referring to. The commentary on the bout last night was ridiculous also with statements like "Rousey is the best Judo practitioner in MMA today"... I love Rogan and I get the need to sell the fight but some of the BS was insulting to true MMA fans.. It felt like I was witnessing another step towards the complete commercialization of the UFC... We all know there are professional female athletes in golf, tennis, basketball and MMA etc.. As men we can name the attractive few if we are being honest but the UFC is like the NFL or MLB of MMA. I have all the respect in the world for Rousey as an Olympian and a professional female athlete. Even the talent pool of female fighters is extremely shallow so I can only believe that this must be a build up to a Cyborg or Carano drop down or catch weight fight. But then what...if Rousey could beat Cyborg who would she fight that was worthy of television time on the UFC. With that said women's MMA should not be a main event on a UFC PPV event in my opinion.


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    paragraphs and troll or just not getting it
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    Didn't read....but the Women's fight was MUCH better than the Co-main, the women actually fought

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  • Women fight was alright was too be expected and Carmouche didn't fight the fight she should have fought. Women should only be the main event if they are the only title fight on the card or if they suddenly become more relevant
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    I actually read the whole thing, but this:

    "Last night's PPV was one of the worst that I have seen in a long time."

    Is hard to get past. It wasn't that bad at all, and Ronda vs liz went about as perfect as you could hope for. Everybody should know by now to ignore Joe's nu... liphugging?!?


    "This was the 1st time that I have ever regretted purchasing the PPV."
    "I watched the fight with my entire gym"

    How much money did you waste? $2?

    Perhaps there is no hidden agenda in this case. Maybe they aren't using the women as a tool to break into new areas of exposure for the ufc. Maybe, just maybe, they're giving the girls a go, to see how they do, see how it plays out and not only risk their business giving women the spotlight, but to give the women a platform of opportunity comparably to men.

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    The two women's actions last night spoke louder then Dana ever could. Legit championship heart and technique on display from both sides.
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    That main event was pretty good, it had way more action than the co main event as someone mentioned earlier ........
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    The main event wasn't MMA, it was grappling.
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    Well let me put it this way. I attended the event. And if it wasn't for the Rousey/Carmouche fight, I would have left disappointed with Machida/Henderson. Everyone there was super pumped for the main event. Tons of cheering for both fighters. They delivered a great fight fight. The women, especially championship bouts, have all the right to headline a main event, because they work their a***** off and produce great fights. So shatup.
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    NyteRyder said:

    Well let me put it this way. I attended the event. And if it wasn't for the Rousey/Carmouche fight, I would have left disappointed with Machida/Henderson. Everyone there was super pumped for the main event. Tons of cheering for both fighters. They delivered a great fight fight. The women, especially championship bouts, have all the right to headline a main event, because they work their a***** off and produce great fights. So shatup.

    I respect your opinion, but women generally don't punch hard enough to get a true knockout, so to me it's really a grappling competition. I've only seen one woman truly get a "lights out", truly unconscious knockout, and that was women's boxing.
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    I went into the main event with very low expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised. I have never really followed Women's MMA much other than what was going on in Strikeforce, and while I agree with classicboxer's assessment most of them lack KO power, I felt the technique and tenacity of both women far exceeded any other women's bout I can remember. I was perfectly willing to write off last Saturday's main event as something of a "look-in" event: something you don't want to miss but wouldn't make it a repeated event...but I was wrong. Rousey and Liz both won me over as a legitimate fan.

    For those that were in the company of guys just hoping for a "wardrobe malfunction" all I can say is there is easier ways to see a woman's breast on your television screen than ordering a $50 fighting event. And classicboxer, like I said, I agree most women in MMA lack KO power, but by that standard there are also any number of male UFC fighters who I watch throw wild punches that lack the skill or strength to ever get a KO themselves. As I mentioned earlier, both of those women stepped up and proved they were worthy to main event.

    If anything, 157 proved to me women were perfectly capable of headlining a UFC event and that I'm less excited to see Machida main event.
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    You wrote that entire essay without actually saying what you didn't like about the main event other than your opinion which was decided well before the PPV ever came on. All you gave us was some bs about the integrity of the sport, while in reality both women fought with more skil,intensity, and integrityl than many men in the UFC fight with.
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    It was a great fight at the end! That is all that needs to be said.

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    I do not for one minute believe it was to widen the fan base,the UFC is not that smart.
    This was simply a gimmick to cash ion on a media frenzy person,Rhonda Rousey.Making it the headline fight,seriously disrespects all the men in the uFC ,it is like saying,you guys are not good enough to be the main event.It was also the UFC's decision to make it look even more viable by making it the main fight,putting it where it belongs on the under card,undermines what the UFC is trying to market here.

    Rhonda Rousey is NEVER and i mean NEVER going to be a 135 UFC Champion,she will always be considered no more than a WOMEN'S champion.That alone right there says it is less meaningful than the top of the food chain fighters,,it was a gimmick and nothing more.
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    Women should NOT be in the main event unless its EARNED!!! ... ya they fight other places but you just give someone a belt and then say its a main event .... this was ALL for the MEDIA and to get more fans ... not for the Womens right to Fight movement.

    and the only reason that womens fight seemed OK was because the Co-main event was the most boring fight EVER! ... talk about Cutting people from the UFC ... both of them should be gone!

    i Skipped the live event ... only the 2nd time ive missed a UFC in many many years .... didnt miss much.
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    This was the first PPV I haven't purchased since I accidentally saw the results for UFC 112. I enjoyed it quite a bit .. BWW was full of fight fans so the atmosphere might have had something to do with it.
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    I'll never pay for ppv with **** headlining, but if Gina comes in maybe.

  • After watching the the ppv, I think the women deserved to headline, and machida and henderson deserved to be on the facebook prelims.
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    Them Girls did work. I hope future women's bout can live up to it. Also I would like to see Rose " Thug " Namajunas in the UFC on the same card as Pat " HD " Barry.

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    Machida vs Hendo was WAY WORST THAN THE GIRLS
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