Fighting is more than walking forward + throwing punches. UFC isnt a crappy toughman boxing contest.

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I could argue about Fitch and i have done.

I could argue about Lyoto and i have done.

The basic bottom line is some of you have an image of the thing, where the perfect match up is basically a **** pub level boxing competition.

None of these guys have the chins, power and skills to be a boxer. If they had, then they would.

The reality is that crappy white boxers, throwing for the hills, would sell. But its ****, and its not MMA.

My image of the thing is different, and i dont appologise for that.

My image of the thing, is a direct evolution of what it began as.

Every martial art and tough guy on the planet, invited to fight, to see whos the best.

Yes the sports evolved to an extent in north america, but its still diverse with regards to styles and that includes wrestling and evasive striking.

If Fitch was allowed to head butt people then hed be on a lot more finishes. but he isnt, thats how you make real fighting safe.

It shouldnt invalidate the control that he has.

Likewise, if Machida fought without time limits, then Hendo would most likely be demolished or disabled. No way Hendo gives in, which means Machida would systematically destroy him over time.

The bottom line is this.

Its cool to have two guys swinging for the hills. Its one of the great things about MMA. But its not all of MMA. Its one of the many style match ups and scenarios that can happen in the cage.

When it started, we watched MMA and we learned from it. Now you have total **** newbs trying to tell them how to fight. You all wont be happy till an Art Jimmerson clone is the UFC Champ. Because lets be real. Art Jimmerson would **** up Diaz, Henderson and Silva in a straight boxing contest. And i do mean consecutively.

UFC is 20 years old, and even after all this time, there is a ridiculous amount of difference between the champions of each division.

Even someone like GSP has a lot of different fight types. And each one has a story.

Every fights different and so is each fighter.

Thats kind of the point.
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