Stann humbled by dream fight

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"The All-American" Brian Stann (12-5) was born on a military airbase in Tokyo, Japan. He touched down in Tokyo last night, ahead of this weekend's UFC on Fuel 8 clash with Wanderlei Silva (34-12), in what some predict will be Silva's retirement fight. Stann told MMA Fighting it was his first time back to Japan since he was seven months old. Couple that with a dream fight against Pride legend "The Axe Murderer" at the site of his greatest Pride victories, the Saitama Super Arena, and the former marine is clearly humbled by the moment.

"I was born in Yokota Airbase here in Tokyo Japan. I have never been back. We left when I was about 7 months old, so this is going to be pretty cool ... But my mum, she lived over here with my sister for a couple of years. So she's told me all these different stories and she's given me a little laundry list of 'hey, try and get on the base, see this building, this is the hospital you were born in' - she's told me stories. As a child growing up, the Karate Kid was real popular. So when Karate Kid came out and I was born in Japan, you know, I was the man. I was running around with my little headband on, playing Daniel San. So this is a pretty unique opportunity for me. And by the way, this is my first time main eventing for the UFC and I get to fight a guy like Wanderlei Silva, so I'll be a little nostalgic after Saturday night's over ... (Wanderlei) is a guy who when I was dreaming of one day even being a professional fighter and I was in the Marine Corps watching fights, he was a guy who I would watch fight and he was just ferocious the way he fought, yet he was still very much a gentleman, very much a very nice guy out of the Octagon. I always admired that. They asked me one day, 'who would be your dream match up?' That was a couple of years ago and I said, 'It would be a dream come true to fight a guy like Wanderlei and be a part of that storied career' ... When you're a guy like Wanderlei Silva and you've done as much as you have for the sport, he deserves to (fight in Japan). I'm proud to come back here and fight him and I'm happy that he gets that moment. I'm sure these fans are anxiously awaiting his arrival and the atmosphere's going to be very, very cool."

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