Who will be the first big name to be cut from UFC ?

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It doesnt matter the reason: losing streak, boring performances, weed, etc, etc, etc .... and we all know those cuts are happening and this is a new era in UFC (women fighting, 100 guys announced to be cut, SP merged, etc).

Who do you think will be the first BIG NAME to be cut from UFC and shock all of us ? Please, aldo try to mention the reason why this (these) guys would be cut.

You can also mention guys who would simply retired.

SHOGUN- I think hes very close to be cut IF he shows up again gassing out on the 1st round. Either that or he will be forced to go down to MW division.

WANDY- Gotta feeling he will retire in case he loses to Stann (as I think he will) and no better place than in Japan where he became a legend.

SHIELDS- Cut if he loses his next fight.

THIAGO SILVA- One more "dope" issue and Im 100% he will be at Bellator LOL.

GUILLARD- cut if he loses next fight.

SONNEN- Believe me or not. Depending on how badly he loses to Jones, I think he will retire and become a commentator for UFC (which isnt bad at all).

Thoughts ?


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