Interesting article in regards to 'undeserved' title shots


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    That article was just whining and pandering to other whiners. I'm not saying undeserved title shots aren't a problem, but this article did nothing but complain and give snide remarks about the whole situation- no new ideas or information. Not a good read overall.
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    tldr [-X
    read the first paragraph ,saw "twilight cast horny" and stopped
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    Repeat of old ideals which I do agree with though

    But he discredits Weidmans wins over Maia and Munoz by using thier Current rankings and not thier "Time of fight Rankings" that's such a classic ploy to prove a weak point...both guys were top 10er at time of the fight with Munoz being a top 5er (I dont care what anyone says...just look at the damn rankings...munoz was top 5)....what other MW has that on thier current streak of wins? one but vitor i think...face it Weidman has earned a shot

    And also he went on to justify Hendricks getting a title shot by saying he has 2 top 10 wins...while agree it should be his shot and not Diaz...I'm just pointing out how much of a hypocrite the writer was being
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    Whenever a fighter loses an undeserved title shot they surpass can status and become juice boxes.

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    The same thing can happen in boxing, except for the way Sonnen got the title shot.
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