Hilarious prank we pulled on BJJ class at my gym in Biloxi

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Hey guys,

Haven't been able to get on here in a while, but I haven't forgotten you! I hope you've been keeping up with my vlog, had a few good episodes since the last time I posted here, and if you missed them check them and some more cool videos out at http://prommatraining.com/ and also check out http://immunitymma.com/ for more updates!

Anyway this week Mikey Triangles from my club had a friend from NY come down to visit and train with us for a few days at Alan Belcher MMA Club. he's a real good black belt under Joe D'Arce and one of the head instructors at Vamos Mixed Martial Arts in New York, but Mikey thought a fun way to introduce him to the class would be to slap him in a white belt and have him talking a little bit about how great he is because of his 8 months of kung fu training and experience watching UFC. Everyone was ignoring him until we started doing some live training, then it got fun. Here is Alex at my gym pretending to be an annoying know it all new student with an 8-month kung fu background, enjoy the clip :icon_lol:

The picture below shows Alex at BJJ all-time great Marcelo Garcia's 2011 ADCC training camp (in the black gi):




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