Belcher: Bisping not the nicest guy, declined bet

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Alan Belcher (18-7) says his UFC 159 opponent Michael Bisping (23-5) turned down a bet and failed to back up his words. ”The Talent” told It’s Your Corner he invited the Brit to wager a tattoo on his predicted first-round finish: If Bisping stopped him in the first round, he’d get a tattoo of Bisping’s choice across his chest. But if the opposite happened, “The Count” could look forward to a miniature Johnny Cash on his arm. He said Bisping was making a mistake if he was looking past their April 27 clash.

“Me and Bisping have somewhat of a grudge going back the last couple of years. He’s been in the spotlight and been able to fight in some big, high-profile fights. I always felt like I deserved the opportunity to fight him and to get the same opportunity as him, because I felt like that I was better than he was or at least as good. Nothing disrespectful at all. I tried to get the fight with him for the last few years (but) Bisping always put it off, like I wasn’t in his league. If he really meant that or not I’m not really sure, but it seems like either he felt sincere about that I wasn’t good as him and he didn’t respect me, or he was scared. That’s kind of what set the whole thing off. When the fight finally happened, I was pumped up about it and Bisping continued to say he was going to take me out in the first round and I was just a stepping-stone. It looked like he was kind of looking past me … He’s not the nicest guy. He kind of just attacks you, kind of makes fun of you kind of like a high schooler or something and points out the way you look or things that you can’t really help and whatever. He’s talked about my tattoo before so I thought that would be a fun bet that if he knocked me out in the first round like he said he was going to then I would get a tattoo of whatever he wants on my chest. But if I take him out in the first round, he’s got to get the Johnny Cash tattoo. Well, he hasn’t really responded to it. He just kind of said, ‘F you.’ He didn’t want to engage like that. You know what I mean? I think that when I say something I mean it, you know? That’s the difference in talking smack and being confident.”

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