UFC 158's "Gotten To" Thread

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The lead up to UFC 158 has created a lot of gotten to. Here's a list of people gotten to so far. Feel free to add anyone, fighter or forum member or anyone gotten to. The list will continue before and after the fight.

GSP-gotten to by Nick Diaz
Nick Diaz-gotten to by soccer mom, GSP's boxing comment, pampering, losing to GSP
Dana White-gotten to by Nick Diaz not showing up to workout and Ariel Helwani at press conference
Ariel Helwani-gotten to by Dana White for calling him out on his question
Nate Marquardt-Gotten to by Yesterdays_Hero
Johnny Hendricks-gotten to by UFC not giving him title shot
NyteRyder-gotten to by Nick Diaz not showing up to workout and paranoid he might not show up to press conference and fight getting cancelled
the_enigma-gotten to because the feeling of gotten to has gotten good.
Carlos Condit-gotten to for not receiving any questions during conference call or press conference
Regular Tickets-gotten to by wolf tickets
Rory MacDonald-gotten to by his own neck. Then, he was gotten to again by that same neck.
Cesar Gracie-restricted from cornering Diaz
Patster-http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/discussion/141140/that-crowd-was-pathetic# , gotten too by Harvey's, Canadian taxes, and crappy channels on TV in hotel room.
JohnnyZadar-gotten to over Diaz losing, not a Diaz fan anymore
Chanman20-gotten to by piss drinking
Jake Ellenberger-gotten to due to getting Yesterdays_hero's sloppy seconds
Nate Diaz-gotten to by Mike Ricci. Has verbal altercation with him after his win.
Jake Shields-gotten to by GSP's wraps
Cruz-gotten to over some bet. Welched.
Forum Scrap Pack- gotten to by GSP
Sisti-gotten to by Diaz---http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/discussion/141239/done-with-diaz#latest
Omaplatypus-gotten to because Kim Winslow didn't make an appearance at UFC 158
NewGuy2000-gotten to from this thread
Nick Diaz fans-gotten to by Diaz losing
IRS-gotten to by Nick Diaz
Carnages41-gotten to because Patster didn't tell him that the seats beside him were empty
Ares-gotten too by Patster being gotten to
T.J. Dillashaw-gotten to over long beer line at Bell Centre
MilesGun-gotten to over Condit's undeserving loss
WarWest-gotten to over GSP's injury. Wants retirement from the Stuh Pierre
spartacus-also gotten to over GSP's injury. Gotten to that Good Guy Gabri let him keep his account even though Diaz lost.
Michael Johnson-gotten to by Diaz's taunting and not doing anything during the fight. Tweets his gotten to.
Canadian Officials-gotten to by UFC 158's main event. Alters the weigh in rules.
Waikru-still gotten to by GSP/Diaz fight. Creates GSP hate thread. http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/discussion/141483/what-is-the-most-unethical-thing-that-gsp-has-done#latest
rodrodMMA92-gotten to by BruteDion's sig.
Wairkru-gotten to again by being on the gotten to list
Korean Zombie-gotten to by GSP's gi.
NyteRyder-gotten to because he was accused of being gotten to for making a list of gotten to
Diaz's Camp-still gotten to over weigh in stipulations. File a complaint over gsp's ufc 158 drug test
http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/discussion/141607/ufc-158-reached-1-1-million-buys/p7-this whole thread is gotten to because people are gotten to about ppv numbers
Spartacus_-still gotten to about GSP winning, he went through stats and created this gem of a butthurt thread http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/discussion/141791/average-time-per-win-gsp-as-and-jj#latest
Bartolini-still butthurt from GSP/Diaz fight. Creates butthurt thread. http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/discussion/142127/something-nick-diaz-will-do-that-gsp-will-never-do#latest
Canadian_Connection-gotten to over GSP haters. Feels need to defend GSP at all times.
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