Dana White on Hendricks vs Condit

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UFC president Dana White told the post-UFC 158 press scrum he was impressed with Carlos Condit's (28-7) performance, despite his loss to Johny Hendricks (15-1) in the co-main event. Condit absorbed a few big left hands from "Big Rigg" and was taken down a total of 12 times by the former NCAA Division 1 champion. But he held his own on the feet and never stopped attacking off his back, eventually losing the fight 28-29, 28-29, 28-29. Given another two rounds, many fans think the outcome would have been different. Hendricks has secured himself a title shot, while Condit could be matched with the returning Rory MacDonald or dare I say it, Nick Diaz.

"That fight was unbelievable. That's what I'm talking about when you talk about mixed martial arts. And again, Nick (Diaz) started to allude to Pride and how they'd make it exciting and everything else. You didn't have to make that fight exciting. You didn't need yellow cards and you didn't need to say, 'action.' When you have two well-rounded mixed martial artists in there, meaning a guy like Carlos Condit, who can wrestle - and he says his wrestling isn't up to par. His wrestling looked phenomenal tonight, every time Johny Hendricks got him down that kid got back up. He either got back up to his feet or he was landing from the bottom."

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    Condit's wrestling looked great?
    He got taken down 12 times out of 12...
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    Condit's wrestling looked great?
    He got taken down 12 times out of 12...

    He definitely defended a couple but even when Hendricks took him down he was never able to do anything. Condit was always in control there it was standing back up, landing elbows or looking for sweeps and subs.

    I don't know what counts as wrestling (I'm sure it's more than takedowns defence though) but Condit was able to avoid being laid on by both Hendricks and GSP for the most part so he's doing something right.

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    I think he's too willing to fight off his back or try to keep it on the ground and get on top so it makes his tdd look bad. I'm sure if he had the strategy to completely avoid the ground unless he's the one shooting in his wrestling would look a lot better
    ^ I agree.
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    i've never seen Condit sprawl, he needs to do this from time to time, he's an athletic guy and i think he would be able to defend more tds with it. Instead he's always looking for a switch or a reversal and after a while everyone's aware of that.
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    Dana for once got it right and yes Condit wins a 5 round fight,which that fight SHOULD have been,what happened to the 5 rounders?
    12 TD's ??OMG and he did nothing with all 12 combined,how the hell did he win the fight based on 12 meaningless TD's?At least GSP was throwing in several weak strikes on the ground,Hendrick's did ZILCh.
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    Condits chin is beast. And sure big rig Took him down. But he did nothing with them. Rig won on points. Both went for the finish, but rig was slowing down and Condit was still attacKing hard. Johnny better work his cardio Because gsp Will ud him easily. .... if he doesn't get ktfo.
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    not sprawling is also a problem mousasi has imo, both to willing to allow the fight to be taken to the ground, diaz did a great job of stuffing takedowns agaisnt gsp.
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    PunchBag said:

    not sprawling is also a problem mousasi has imo, both to willing to allow the fight to be taken to the ground, diaz did a great job of stuffing takedowns agaisnt gsp.

    Yeah mousasi vs king mo was similar to hendricks vs condit Mo did nothing from the top either and won ,even though mousasi landed tons from the bottem
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    I'm still really hoping the rematch with Rory MacDonald comes at some point for Condit down the line. That's a fight I'd love to see again.
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