GSP has punching power he just doesnt use it


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    sports science is fake as ****
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    No, he doesnt
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    Just never ever ever ever throws combos - Its nothing but superjab followed by no offensive takedown, sure hes the best in the world at that but nothing to shout about
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    I'll agree that he does have some good power, but he chooses not to use it in fights.
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    This is correct,heck there are women who can hit with over 200lbs of force,MOST of these guys have around 350.
    Think about it,350 lbs of force,what do you think that would do to your jaw?
    There are points on the body and head,that need little power to cause damage or KO a guy,one for example is around the temple area.
    As to combos,unless you know what you are doing,you are going to leave yourself wide open for counters.
    IMO GSP is not a boxer and never will be,so why on earth would anyone want him to try combos,unless your just hating on the guy because he keeps winning.

    No matter i like a fighter or not,i want to see these guys fight SMART and if GSP starting to pretend he was a boxer,that would NOT be smart.Perfect example was when i watched Cowboy versus Nate or Matsuchenko versus Gustafsson.I thought wtf dude,your a wrestler why would you think you can outbox Gusty's long reach,just a STUPID game plan.

    I do NOT buy into this **** kissing crap about you need to put on a show for the fans,that is BS.You need tpo fight smart or you end up in a coma or in the Hospitol,pretty simple really.
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    and Jon Jones can swing his elbows faster than apache helicopter blades

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    It must be hidden in his vagina.
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    It must be hidden in his vagina.


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