What would be best for GSP at this point in his career.

Strait to the point. He is nowhere near finished physically and he is beyond talented. What GSP needs though is to be dethroned. He needs to lose a fight against a less talented fighter who is hungry just to remind him what being hungry can do for a person. If that doesn't completely brake his spirit and he wants to continue to be a martial artist he will realize that he must be hungry again. He has got comfortable in the sense that he can do the minimal to just get by. GSP needs a wake up call.

I bet he didn't train near as hard for this camp based on his level of cardio. I remember Zahabi saying before the Shields fight I believe it was that GSP's cardio is so good that he can be fully recovered in 30 seconds. He was gassed by the end of the 3rd. Nowhere near the cardio we expect from any WW champ. It's a shame that one of the P4P greatest ever will not achieve his dream of being the greatest Mix Martial Artist ever because he has allowed his belly to become full of past glory, fattening him and slowing him. He has gotten mentally soft.

The dude is 32 years old. He has enough time to be dethroned and rise again. But he is going to have to want to rise again.


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