Which fight are most looking forward in April ?

RodrigoRuaRodrigoRua Posts: 2,422Free
I knowit can be a tough question because everyevent matters BUT for our entertainment .. THE FIGHT YOU MOST WANNA WATCH IN APRIL AND WHY ?

I personally think Bendo vs Melendez will be the more quality fight/hype. This is a truly unifying belt matchup.

Not so excited for Gus vs Mousasi simply because even if Gus beats Mousasi impressively hes still not getting that shot at Jones.And if Mousasi beats Gus, well, Gus goes back in line and Mousasi will still have to win 1 or 2 fights to have a shot !! I just think Mousasi will be a gatekeeper in UFC and will actually mess up all the hope we have to watch Jones vs Gus late 2013.

Jones vs Sonnen will be just a Jones beatdown on Sonnen which could be fun to see but no relevant overal for the LHW division. I just hope Jones beats Sonnen impressively so Dana doesnt come up with a immediate rematch for Sonnen !!!

Thoughts ?



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