what weighs heavier on a fighter..age or number of years fighting?

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There's some pretty young guys in the UFC that already show some major wear and tear. Shogun comes to mind. Dude is only 32 but has slowed down significantly. Google told me he's been active as a pro since 2002. 11 years of punishing your body could be a good explanation maybe?



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    I think how many wars they have been in plays a big part in how they hold up.
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    That's a good question...as the post above me said...wars matter...which means the style of the fighter has to be added aswell

    If you look at wrestlers who normally dont take that much damage...their age dont really matter as much cuz they can still do thier thing cuz thier skill dont diminish as much I.E Randy,Hendo,Hughes

    Now there is the opposite of the coin for wrestlers...there are the guys who are not as good at keeping it in the clinch or on the mat and get **** up I.E Don Frye,Mark Kerr

    Then u got strikers who are amazing at avoiding damage and stick to thier game plan of sticking and moving...and while the first thing to go on a fighter when age comes along is speed (reflexes mostly,footwork lastly) these guys did so good in thier youth leading up to old age it seems to have been slower for age to set in I.E Anderson Silva

    Then u got the Brawler,or just plain guys who didn't really avoid damage aswell and are painfully punch drunk cuz of it...these are the guys who have had the wars I.E Chuck

    It just matters a lot on the guy fighting and his style...guys who have wars have a very short career
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